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Our comprehensive online Member Health Portal, empowers members with educational and communication tools and resources. It provides access to E-mail Medical Consultations (E-Consults), where members can communicate with a doctor via our secure messaging system.

Also, My Personal Health Manager (MyPHM) empowers members with educational and interactive health management and risk assessment and decision support tools to aid them to take better care of themselves, understand their medical issues, evaluate symptoms, assess their risks and promote healthier lifestyles and prevention, including: My Symptom Checker, My Health Library, My EMR (Electronic Medical Record), My Health Alerts and more.

Additionally, the system helps to initiate action to decrease those risks and connects members to a doctor for further advice.

Personal Health Manager consists of:

  • Symptom Checker
    • Our Symptom Checker is a personalized and user-friendly software designed to evaluate symptoms and display the most probable medical conditions.
    • Questionnaires developed by physicians lead patients to top three probable conditions and based on answers given, Symptom Checker recommends patients to seek appropriate level of care varying on the level of severity.
    • Symptom Checker also displays available treatment options, states when self-care is appropriate, when medical attention should be sought, and allows patients to review how well they manage specific conditions.
  • Health Library
    Consult A Doctor’s Health Library is designed to educate patients and to provide relevant medical information to make informed decisions. Gain access to our comprehensive list of electronic resources that offer insight to your symptoms, conditions, and health issues. For example:
    • Reports
    • Articles
    • Health-related bulletins
    • Newsletters
    • Statistics

The Health Library contains information on over 3,000 conditions, offers insight into drug interactions and provides many resources to educate members on various conditions and treatments, such as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

  • Health Aids
    • Health Alerts
      The Health Alerts system automatically sends E-mails regarding the latest articles, news, and links tailored to your condition. Additionally, drug interaction alerts are sent if a new medication may interact with your current medication.
    • Health Risk Assessment Tools
      Consult A Doctor retrieves data on lifestyle factors and health risks, evaluates health status, generates reports, and provides information for improving health risk areas. Our tools are provided to motivate individuals to make improvements in their health and lifestyle and enable our doctors to direct follow-up and evaluate outcomes.
    • Reminder RX
      The consistent and proper use of your prescriptions is an important part of your successful treatment. Reminder Rx is a free, confidential E-mail service designed to remind you when to refill your prescription. This will help ensure that your therapy, and therefore its effectiveness, is not interrupted by unexpected delays in refilling your prescription. …Coming Soon
  • Electronic Medical Record
    Consult A Doctor’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is one of the most complete data collection and archiving systems available. With EMR, you will be able to transmit and access your medical records, receive notifications regarding any tests, follow-up visits and medication instructions and/or refills.
  • EMR Fax to PCP
    As a member, you are able to manage and update your medical records from the EMR system and electronically fax to your local doctor(s).
  • Health Monitoring
    Take, track, and send your vitals and/or changes in your condition daily, weekly, or monthly to keep your medical file up-to-date.
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