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Consult A Doctor Prepares for 2011-12 Flu Season with Launch of FLUHOTLINE24/7, A Medical Resource for Patients Across the U.S 01/18/2012

Consult A Doctor Gives Patients Seeking Diagnosis and Treatment for Flu Symptoms Immediate Access to Physicians via Phone at Low Cost

Miami, FL., Jan 18, 2012

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently announced that it is expecting more than 160 million cases of the flu over the 2011-2012 flu season. In an average year, complications related to the flu lead to over 200,000 hospitalizations, many of which are non-emergent and contribute to an overcrowded, wasteful healthcare system. To help solve the problem of physician access, Consult A Doctor, an innovator of telemedicine services and technology solutions, today announced the launch of FLUHOTLINE24/7, a resource that will connect people in all 50 states with board certified physicians that can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications, if appropriate, for the highly contagious flu virus via phone.

Anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms may call 1-855-DOC-4FLU or log on to and be connected with a certified physician in real-time, from anywhere, 24/7/365. A Consult A Doctor physician will conduct a brief consultation via phone. For patients that may need medication, a thorough medical intake will be performed and, if warranted, the doctor can provide a prescription for anti-viral or other indicated medications.

Consult A Doctor’s network of physicians use the most current clinical information and treatment guidelines from the CDC to answer any flu related questions and provide educational medical instruction and advice. A typical consultation with a Consult A Doctor physician via FLUHOTLINE24/7 takes just minutes and costs under $40, regardless of insurance status.

“Until now, concierge medicine has been something few people could obtain. When we are sick, we typically have to get in our cars and drive ourselves to our primary physician’s office – if we have one. If not, our options are quite limited and usually entail spending most of a day at the local ER, wasting time and spending hundreds of dollars,” said Wolf Shlagman, Founder and CEO of Consult A Doctor. “With telemedicine services, this entire process changes. Patients can obtain affordable, quality medical care without ever leaving their home. This is especially important when dealing with a pandemic like the flu as it insulates physicians, patients and the general public from exposure to germs.”

In addition to the FLUHOTLINE24/7 resource, Consult A Doctor also provides a web portal that grants patients and physicians access to a robust health library and other wellness tools. Using this web portal, visitors may schedule appointments, store and share Personal Health Records (PHRs) and consult with physicians regarding any non-emergency illness via secure email consultations.

“As a practicing physician, I have seen influenza season put a strain on time, energy and resources – not only in my own practice but also in urgent care clinics, ER departments and hospitals. Many times health problems are exacerbated by patients not seeking care in a timely manner, resulting in worsening illness and serious complications, including bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory failure and even death,” said Dr. Doug Smith, CMO of Consult A Doctor and Co-founder of MinuteClinic. “The ability to utilize telemedicine to provide earlier, more timely and more appropriate treatment allows clinicians and patients to reduce the duration and progression of the flu. Telemedicine also helps to identify those patients who are severely ill and direct them to other care settings, if needed, in an efficient and prompt manner.”

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