TeleCare 3.0

TeleCare 3.0 is Consult A Doctor's cloud-based enterprise telemedicine platform. Proven and optimized over years of connecting patients to our national 24/7/365 network of certified physicians, TeleCare 3.0 is the most mature, robust and practical telemedicine platform available today.

TeleCare 3.0 is the fully-configurable telemedicine platform used by Consult a Doctor to support our national, direct-to-consumer service. The platform is available for license to practices, hospitals, clinics, health plans, employers, unions, TPAs and other groups interested in offering telemedicine services to their patients or members. The platform is fully secure and can be customized to support the specific needs of a wide range of organizations.

Consult A Doctor Eliminates Patients Barriers to Care

Typical configurations of TeleCare 3.0 support four types of clinical encounters:

Consult By Phone By Email
On Call Priority By Appointment
Talk to a doctor immediately Talk to a doctor within 1 hour Set a time to talk to a doctor Email a doctor about sensitive medical issues
On-demand consultation Comprehensive consultation Comprehensive consultation Secure, discreet, HIPAA-compliant
Receive medical advice Get prescription medication* Get prescription medication* Doctor response within 24 hours